Production Division


Bellevue's Production Division has produced the films ALWAYS WATCHING and PARALLEL , as well as ELI, recently released by Netflix. Bellevue is producing INFINITE, with Antoine Fuqua directing and Mark Wahlberg starring, set to be released by Paramount on August 7, 2020.  

As a producer, Bellevue has set up projects at Warner Bros, Fox, Universal, New Line, Paramount, Amazon, Paramount Players, Fox 2000, Bron, Shudder, and Voltage, amongst others. Several of those scripts landed on the annual Black List, including CRISTO (Black List 2011), CAPSULE (Black List 2013), ELI (Black List 2015), BLONDE AMBITION and INFINITE (Black List 2016), LIONHUNTERS (Black List 2017) and ISLEWORTH (Black List 2018.)